Monday, 15 April 2013

Foxden Acres. Exclusive in Rugby's Number One Independent Bookshop.

Today I called on Kelvin Hunt, the owner of Hunt's Bookshop in Rugby.  Kelvin was at the book fair in London.  No matter, I'll be going back on Saturday for my friend, Gill Vickery's book launch.  I took a photograph of the poster of Foxden Acres on the stairs.  Greeting prospective book-buyers is a framed poster of Foxden Acres, a photograph of me and some postcards.

The display of Foxden Acres in the entrance of Hunt's Bookshop

My friend Roger and I had a lovely cup of coffee in Summersault, the vegetarian restaurant above Hunt's Bookshop. 

We then took photographs of the High Street, and of Rugby School,
which is situated opposite Hunt's Bookshop.
                                                    Summersault Vegetarian Restaurant

A peak through the gates of Rugby School.           
My heart leapt when I looked through the gate of this beautiful building.  Lines from Tom Brown's School Days came into my mind. And I was reminded of the building's history.
Sadly, Wallis, Evans, Dorothy Perkins and several other well known shops have closed.  Rugby's shopping centre is very different to the shopping centre I once knew.  But you can still get a nice lunch, or a good cup of coffee in Summersaults.  And you can still buy a book from Hunt's bookshop.