National Poetry Day. Ode to A Writer

Ode to a writer, by Madalyn Morgan.


The pen or the sword, wordsmith or fighter.

Historical, hysterical, horror or lighter.

A passion for words, literary or popular,

A Who-Done-It, Love Story or Family Saga


That important first page and the opening hook.

A page-turner in hardback, paperback, or E-book.

Whether the style is bedtime, beach reading, or Booker,

Each chapter must end with a cliff-hanger-hooker.


You are constantly checking for typos and grammar,

You want to hit adverbs and nouns with a hammer.

The spell check doesn’t recognize you’ve added an ‘s’

And your male protagonist has turned into, Mrs.


Your editor screams, ‘This love story's sentimental.’ 

I know what is coming, and it's driving me mental.

Think ‘Shades of Grey dear, I want more ****ing!’

So you edit and rewrite until your story is, Rocking.


Now your book is finished.  The hard work is done.

Your words are immortalized and you say, ‘It was fun.’

It’s on to the next book and to this, you’ll be true.

Until your editor says, ‘Can I have a word with you?’


A two liner after Discovery Day.

On your way up, you can pitch in a lift.

On the way down, you'd better bloody-well shift.

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