Saturday, 21 May 2016

The 9:45 To Bletchley, June 1st

The 9:45 To Bletchley 
is Ena Dudley's story.

The fourth novel in the Dudley Sisters Saga

Publication on Amazon, Kindle, June 1st.
Paperback shortly afterwards. 

The 9:45 To Bletchley (The Dudley Sisters Saga Book 4)

In the midst of the Second World War, and charged with taking vital equipment via the 9:45 train, Ena Dudley makes regular trips to Bletchley Park, until on one occasion she is robbed. When those she cares about are accused of being involved, she investigates, not knowing whom she can trust. While trying to clear her name, Ena falls in love.


  1. Until recently I lived a scant 400 yards from Bletchley Park (ssssh - don't tell anybody) so I shall be very interested in this, when it is published. Going to Amazon now ...

  2. Hi Julie. Thank you for leaving a comment. You'll know all the places; station, drive, path, mansion, that Ena sees for the first time. The drive up to the mansion is now is on the other side of the Park. I began to panic when I went there that my research was wrong, but it has been changed. The 9:45 To Bletchley will be on Kindle on June 1st. If you are kind enough to download, I hope you enjoy reading it. x

  3. Hi Madalyn, Will this book be published on Kindle only or will there be a paperback version & if so where & when will it be available? My octogenarian mum has read the series(books 1-3) borrowing them from her local library & keeps pestering me to check if you had published the 4th book yet. Her library are looking to purchase it, as they did China Blue on her recommendation. Many thanks for your help.

    1. Thank you so much for your message Michelle. Thank you too for letting me know that your mum is enjoying my books. Bless her. I'm sure that my dear late mum would enjoy them too. She used to tell me all about her life as a young woman in WW2. I am so embarrassed, and so very sorry that I didn't reply to you when you first sent this message. I didn't see it until two minutes ago. Blogspot always sends me an email when someone is kind enough to leave me a message. They didn't this time. I feel awful and am very sorry. Can I make it up to you and post a copy of The 9:45 To Bletchley to you for your mum. Perhaps I could send on to your library too. My email address is If you let me know your addresss, or your mum's address, via email, I shall send her a signed copy. Best wishes, Madalyn