Sunday, 24 November 2013

Foxden Acres in Hunt's Independent Book Shop.

Hunt's Independent Book Shop
9 High Street, Rugby (next door to Country Casuals)
               Having a laugh with Kelvin

Foxden Acres prominently displayed in 
Hunt's Independent Book Shop 


Kelvin and author of, The Forgiving Sand
my friend,Theresa Le Flem
After all that fun we needed to relax with coffee
Cheers Theresa! 
Theresa and me in Summersaults Restaurant.  
What fun we had. We are both up to our eyes in our current novels, so it was great to compared notes and bounce ideas off each other.  For me, after a really full-on couple of months of rewriting and editing, it was wonderful to take a little time out and relax.  And, as my friend Theresa said, "The lonely hours we both spend typing away…as well as reading, researching, editing…is enough to give anyone the appetite for a delicious cappuccino and cherry scone or two!"
Afterwards I did a little retail therapy and
 by the time I got home, I felt as if I'd had a weekend away. 

Other photographs taken that morning

Theresa buying a copy of Foxden Acres

Theresa with her novel, The Forgiving Sand
Theresa Le Flem  author of,   "The Sea Inside His Head"  and 
         "The Forgiving Sand"  both published by Robert Hale Ltd  
         Member of the Romantic Novelists' Assoc. & The Society of Authors


Monday, 11 November 2013

The BookStop Cafe, Lincoln, has just sold another copy of Foxden Acres!

Today November 11th 2013.

Joff Gainey mentioned you in a post in BookStop Cafe - Lincoln
Joff Gainey on 11 November 13:09

Just sold a copy of Madalyn Morgans Foxden Acres! 

"More copies of you book required at BookStop Cafe.
If you are able to post six more that would be great."
It would be my pleasure.  They're in the post.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Famous Five Plus: HUG A BOOK - Foxden Acres with Madalyn Morgan

Famous Five Plus: HUG A BOOK with Madalyn Morgan: Hug A Book  is sponsored by Volkan-Watches It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with  Madalyn Morgan And You could win a...