Friday, 10 May 2013

Signed copies of Foxden Acres at, Oh Lovely, Lutterworth

As a local author I was delighted when Amy MacBean Dennis, owner of Oh Lovely ... 
in Lutterworth, said she would stock Foxden Acres in her beautiful shop.

Oh Lovely - Church Street, Lutterworth

 Foxden Acres in the Book Corner 

Each copy of Foxden Acres is signed and has a bookmark inside. 
A small gift to say 'thank you' for buying my debut novel.  

Today I went into, Oh Lovely, to buy a small purse.  I'm going to Spain with my friend who has an apartment out there.  She doesn't do waiting for cases, so we roll on and roll off - perfect!  So, instead of carting my Billy Bag wallet, I wanted a purse.  There's a great range in Oh Lovely.  I chose a red polka-dot and it's FAB.  Anyway, I saw a guy buying a copy of Foxden Acres.  'Can I take your photograph?' I asked.  When he turned and smiled I recognised him.  I knew in the 1970s.  He was buying Foxden Acres as a birthday present for his wife - who I also knew, and who is lovely

                                                                                           Adding 'Happy Birthday Ann'
                                                                                        to a signed copy of Foxden Acres         


I am grateful to Amy and the staff of, Oh Lovely.  They have sold a lot of copies of Foxden Acres,.  However, this is the first photograph.  Barbara, who works at Oh Lovely, and who took the photograph of Rod and me, wrapped Foxden Acres beautifully and Rod left.  I am  delighted at last, to have a photograph of someone buying my novel. 


My thanks to Rod and Barbara for allowing me to put their photograph on my blog. 

but most of all to And, for having a birthday today. xxx


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