Sunday, 8 March 2015

First draft of the design for the book cover of China Blue

China Blue is Claire Dudley's story.  The third novel in the Dudley Sisters Quartet begins with Claire in the WAAF.  She is recruited by the Special Operations Executive to work undercover with Canadian CRAF Captain, Alain Mitchell.  While living with the Belland family and working with the French Resistance, Claire falls in love. China Blue is a powerful love story that is packed with loyal friendships, honour, danger and sabotage.

The 95,000 word novel is due to be published end of April, beginning of May.  Watch this space.

This is the first draft of China Blue's book cover, which will go to professional designer, Cathy at Avalon Graphics, nearer the time of publication.

But for now:

The blue of the sky will come down the page as far as my name.
The dots below the short description is Morse code - 
and I may add 'Code name' above the title.