Thursday, 27 September 2012

Discovery Day at Foyles was fantastic. I pitched my second novel, Applause to a lovely, bright young agent from Curtis Brown who said she wanted to know more, after reading the first page of my MS. She then read the synopsis and said it was very good, very exciting. However, she didn’t like the ending. She thought it was too gentle for the story and suggested I change it – which I am happy to do. She didn’t like the title either. She said it gave the wrong impression, that it didn’t do the story justice. Apart from those two things, which I agree are petty major, she was very encouraging. She said she liked the story idea and what she'd read. She told me to send it to the agent she works with as soon as it's finished, and tell him she recommended me. I was delighted with how the pitch went. And with everything else about the day. And I was ecstatic when, at four o’clock in the morning, I woke with ideas for new titles running around my head. Later, I woke again, found my torch and wrote down a set of circumstances that will change the end of the novel. 

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  1. This sounds very promising. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for leaving a message, Antonia. I picked it up today. Some messages went astray for more than an a month. Glad yours wasn't one of them. My first novel, Foxden Acres will be published on Amazon, Books and Kindle, in about four weeks time. Applause will be at the end of the year. x

  3. Great stuff. Will look out for it.

    1. It was exactly four weeks. I launched Foxden Acres, as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and a paperback on, on Saturday February 16th. According to Jonathan Lloyd of Curtis Brown, self-publishing in no longer frowned upon. He said, if a book published on Kindle had sold well, he would be interested in it.