Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Foxden Acres available from Hunt's Bookshop, Rugby

Kelvin Hunt, of Hunt's Bookshop, Rugby, has taken six signed copies of Foxden Acres.

I took a copy of Foxden Acres in last week, but not in my wildest dreams did I think Kelvin would ask for six copies this week.  So, today I took in a poster, postcards, bookmarks and a photo.   Bless him.  He has put the poster and my photograph in a really prominent position on the stairs. Put a bookmark in each copy and displayed the postcards.  And it all looks great.

So, if you're in Rugby and you want to buy a copy of Foxden Acres, it's only £9.99 from Hunt's Bookshop.  Hunt's is now opposite Rugby School.  Upstairs is Summersault and downstairs is Hunt's Books.  The new space has a really nice atmosphere.  And you can have a coffee afterwards.  The young lady upstairs is lovely.  And if you're hungry, Summersault does super food and you don't even have to go outside to get to it. 

A well known High Street chain were not so helpful or pleasant as Hunt's.  I've been in twice, and both times the assistant was rude and dismissive.  The first time she said they no longer had a 'local author budget.'  I asked her if I could have the telephone number of head office. She sighed and telephoned the number.  And guess what?  They do have a budget.  She told me come back the following week.  I went back, and while talking to me she began another conversation with a member of staff.  She then dismissed me saying I had to come back again.  I thanked her politely and left.   For what it's worth, I'm not going back.   Foxden Acres is exclusive to, Hunts Bookshop, in Rugby.

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