Monday, 23 September 2013

Foxden Acres. A 30 second book trailer while procrastinating

Sleepless nights and procrastinating instead of writing. 

Why do we do it?  I'm currently learning a couple of sketches of Joyce Grenfell's to perform at the Lutterworth WI annual dinner in ten days time.  Scary.  I've been a guest speaker at the WI, talking about my acting and writing career.  But I haven't had to learn someone else's dialogue, or perform it, since I worked on a couple of Chanel Five children series 8 years ago.  And television is very different, anyway.  If you forget, or fluff a line, you can shoot it again.  Not that I ever would.  I used to have sleepless nights in those days too.  Was it worth it?  You bet.

Last night I had one of those 'I can't do this!' nights.  Nothing on the television, so I started to read the blogs I follow.  And I'm pleased I did.  Morgen Bailey's blog is fantastic (You could spend a month reading it.) I remembered a post about a short free book trailer site, and decided to looked into it. 

Click the link below to see my first attempt at a book trailer with

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