Saturday, 10 September 2016

A go at making a postcard with Serif.

Having a go with Serif. 

I bought the software a couple of years ago, looked at it, decided it was too complicated for what I needed and used Canva. Canva is good, I shall still use it, but you can do so much more on Serif. Saying that, Canva is a great  tool for beginners. It got me used to creative technology. 

I shall print my novels onto a postcard to give out when I do talks. 
And I did. 
However, blank postcards and the amount of ink needed would have cost more than 
Vista Print charge, so, when they VP were advertising a voucher with 30% off I ordered 150.  

4 Novels of The Dudley Sisters' Saga

On the back of the card/flyer

Links to the novels on Amazon. 

First I designed a post card that could be posted, then I remembered that I might not be able to use the photograph of the lady on the station with the policeman on a postcard,so it's a hand-out. 

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